About Us



   Our label was founded in the end of 1995 and aimed on distribution of our underground music throughout CIS and all around the world as well. Originally the label is based on Blacksmith’zine having been published since 1994 and engaged in advertising ex - USSR metal music.  

   The 1st issue appeared in 1995 and was sold out in a few hundred copies. This probe experience helped to find out all the drawbacks and caused foundation of Blacksmith Productions. The 2nd issue, more informative and professionally printed, was published in 1996. Not later than the same year the first Blacksmith Prods MC releases appeared. They had xerox covers and didn’t get proper worldwide distribution.        

   The 3rd issue was published in 1998. Printing quality required, 100 pages, 1000 copies – all these provided attracting more readers and fans. However, crisis in the country didn’t allow us to fix the success, so the edition and production were temporarily stopped. Still the distribution went on though facing great financial difficulties.          

   In 2001 BP cooperated with More Hate Prods to release their 1st CD, GRENOUER – The Odour O’Folly (groovy death metal).

   2002 was turning point when we succeeded to start producing tapes with pro - printed full colour covers what bettered their distribution substantially. The 4th issue of Blacksmith’zine was published. Due to readers’ opinion it became one of the best underground printed editions in CIS. But the key event of the year was CD MISCREANT – Oppressive (techno death metal), released by means of our own. Here with BP comes oriented on production of native metal music CDs.       

   In 2003 the 3rd CD, NOSFERATOS – Pandemonium (unholy brutal death metal), appeared via BP. Our level got stronger, the number of our distributors increased worldwide. Next came MISCREANT – Occult Philosophy (re - release of 1998 album) dated by March, 1, 2004. It was followed by April, 2, 2004, when the VIVID X debut CD V.Xtremal Progress became the fifth release by BP. September, 11, 2004 CD MISCREANT – Inside The Beyond (1996) was re - released by BP. The 5th issue of our edition is being prepared for publishing and a few CDs more as well.  

   We are not a commercial organization originally, so the label’s policy is to minimize the prices for our production. We are interested in spreading the music not in making money through it. We distribute neither pirate nor MP3 format production. Everything presented in our catalogue is distributed with labels and musicians’ permission. Low prices could be explained with the fact of us having our own releases and trading them for the other labels’ production, that gives the ability to sell CDs and tapes on minimal prices. That’s why you shouldn’t get scared of the costs but take them for granted. Hopefully you’ll find something for you here. So you are welcome!



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